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SNP Genotyping Analysis

SNP Genotyping BioXpedia

BioXpedias services for SNP genotyping and copy number variation (CNV) analysis are based on high-throughput and reproducibility. Our services are flexible and adapt to your specific study and the genetic questions you want to investigate.

Technologies for Genetic Analyses:

For SNP genotyping analysis we use the Fluidigm Biomark HD system, allowing customized SNP genotyping with either pre-designed or custom assays using TaqMan® Probes, SNP Type assays or IDT rhAmp® SNP assays. The Fluidigm platform is well suited for studies from 100 samples and up to 100.000 of samples, where multiple SNP targets are detected.

Using copy number variation (CNV) or gene fusion panels from NanoString we can provide sensitive and validated assays for genetic analyses in a multiplex manner. These assays are especially focused on cancer research. The NanoString kits contain reagents for 12 samples in a run and can thus be used for both small studies and scaled-up to larger studies

Sample Types for Genotyping Analysis

The technologies we offer for our genetic analyses require very little material, as the Fluidigm system uses Integrated Fluidic Circuits allowing reactions in the nanoliter scale.

The genomic DNA can be from various sample types, where we can also provide extraction if requested:

  • Fresh or frozen tissue
  • Cell lysates
  • EDTA Blood
  • Buffy coat
  • cfDNA from plasma or serum
  • FFPE

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