High-Throughput Laboratory Services for Protein Profiling

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Protein Analyses

BioXpedia offers high-throughput protein analyses, which supports projects spanning large-scale biomarker discovery, with relative quantification, as well as low-plex absolute protein quantification and biomarker validation.

Protein screening or quantification has applications in research areas, where disease development, or response to treatment, is studied for development of personalized medicine.

Technologies for Protein Biomarker Screening and Protein Quantification:

The Proximity Extension Assay allows us to measure from 92 – 3072 disease relevant proteins in one sample with predefined panels. The Target-96 panels consist each of 92 protein assays related to e.g. Inflammation, Oncology, Cardiovascular disease and Neurology. With the Olink Explore 1536 and Explore 3072 panels we can measure from 384 – 3072 protein markers per sample. View all panels here.
Using Meso Scale Discovery immunoassays we can perform absolute protein quantification either as single analyte assays or multiplex assays with up to 10 analytes in each well. For single protein markers we also use standard ELISA kits for detection of specific proteins.

Sample Types for Protein Biomarker Screening

The protein analyses we offer are primarily validated for human and murine samples, although immunoassays for other species are also available. The sample amount input is very low, down to 1 µl plasma, allowing you to get the most out of your precious samples. Types of samples are:

  • Plasma
  • Serum
  • CSF
  • Cell lysate or supernatant
  • Urine

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For examples of publications presenting protein biomarker research, click here.