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Pilot Project BioXpedia

Before analyses of multiple samples in a study, it might be relevant to run a pilot project to test different options.

SNP Genotyping:

For SNP genotyping in larger cohort studies, where DNA has been collected over several years, it might be useful to run a pilot to evaluate if samples collected differently perform equally. The performance of the specific SNP assays can also be tested in a pilot run, to ensure both homozygotes and heterozygotes are detected as expected.

Gene Expression Profiling:

In larger gene expression studies, a pilot testing gene expression related to house-keeping genes could be useful, to assist the choice of house-keeping genes. Also performance of custom designed assays can be tested in a pilot, to ensure optimal performance of assays.

Protein Analysis:

Each Olink Proteomic protein biomarker panel (PEA technology) provide disease-focused screening of 92 protein biomarkers. The PEA technology is run using Fluidigm 96.96 IFC chip, thus each run (chip) has space for 90 patient samples plus assay controls.

However, if you have a small project or need to run a pilot project before initiating a large-scale study including many clinical samples, it is possible to team up with other researchers to share costs. Pilot projects running on shared chips will await a sufficient number of samples for the panel, thus a longer delivery time can be expected. We will of course keep you updated on the timeline for your project.

For any kind of pilot study you consider, please contact us