Laboratory Services for miRNA Expression Analysis


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Analysing   miRNA

At BioXpedia we offer various miRNA expression services ranging from quantification studies of specific miRNAs to global miRNA expression profiling. The technologies we offer require little sample material and support various species and sample types

Technologies for miRNA Expression Profiling and Quantification:

Using the Fluidigm Biomark we can quantify miRNA expression in a flexible setup regarding number of assays and samples.

NanoString nCounter has developed miRNA expression panels for human, rat and mouse species, allowing you to get a full miRNA profile of up to 800 miRNAs.

Sample Types

The technologies for quantification of miRNA expression require little input RNA; from 100 ng total RNA and support RNA extracted from almost all sample types, incl:

  • Fresh or frozen tissue
  • Cell lysates
  • Exosomes
  • Serum or plasma
  • … etc. Contact us for more information.

To learn more about our miRNA Expression Profiling service, prices etc., please contact us