Full Length, Stranded Libraries from Poly(A)RNA for NGS

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Library Prep & RNAseq

Library Prep BioXpedia

BioXpedia offers transcriptome profiling by RNAseq of eukaryotic samples. Based on our fully automated technologies, we make high-quality, low-cost, stranded library preps, requiring as little as 10-100 ng total RNA as starting material.

The libraries are sequenced by NGS on the Illumina platform with several flow cells available, optimizing each projects need for sample numbers and read depth.

Technologies for Library Preps:

The Juno system from Fluidigm enables an automatic workflow simultaneously generating 48 stranded library preps in a single run. The automatic process includes sample loading, poly(A)RNA selection, fragmentation, RT and barcoding by dual indexing. After harvesting, barcoded samples are pooled, enriched and cleaned by magnetic bead purification. Pooled libraries are QC tested and then ready for NGS on the Illumina platform.

Library Prep can be utilized as a stand-alone service. However, BioXpedia also facilitates RNAseq and have access to several flow cells. Similarly, we offer downstream bioinformatics for individual project needs.

Sample Types for Library Prep

Only 10-100 ng purified total RNA from cells or tissue is needed for each library – without a ribosomal RNA depletion step. However, it requires a RIN ≥7, as the system selects full length poly(A)RNA. Our experienced lab can help with quality RNA extraction and QC. Click here for details.

Please contact us to learn more about our Library Prep and RNAseq services, and to discuss your specific project needs.