Bioanalytical Services

Gene Expression Profiling

Laboratory Service for Gene Expression Analysis

BioXpedia offers RNA analyses of samples, using technologies that are time-, cost-, and sample-effective, allowing profiling of RNA from most sample types, including FFPE tissue and cells. 

Technologies for RNA expression profiling:

The Fluidigm system enables gene expression analysis in a high-throughput manner in a custom and flexible setup regarding both number of assays and samples. The qPCR analysis is run on Integrated Fluidic Circuits (IFC) Chips and allows efficient analysis in low volume reactions.

NanoString nCounter is enzyme-free gene expression profiling of up to 770 genes in multiplex. Several disease focused panels for both human and mouse genes have been developed, and the technology is very sensitive, also on RNA from FFPE tissue. 

Sample Types

Our gene expression technologies support samples from several species including human and mouse, and both technologies are very sample-efficient requiring little RNA input. RNA extracted from all sources can be quantified, including:

  • Fresh or frozen tissue
  • FFPE tissue
  • Cell lysate
  • PAX gene tubes
  • Biopsies
  • .. and more. Ask us for information.


Gene expression analyses are essential in numerous directions, such as oncology, immunology or neurology. The approach can be both targeted at specific genes or more explorative in the sense of discovering multiple differences across the transcriptomic level between different groups of patients.