Extraction of DNA, RNA and proteins

Sample Preparation and High-quality Extraction of DNA, RNA, and Protein


Extraction Services

BioXpedia provides sample preparation and high-quality extraction of DNA, RNA, and protein for any downstream analysis. To ensure maximum reproducibility and efficiency, automated workflow and robotic pipetting is used whenever possible.

Types of Clinical Samples

DNA and RNA can be isolated from fresh, frozen and fixed tissue along with any biofluid sample. Additionally, we offer isolation of free-circulating nucleic acids and isolation of extracellular vesicles like exosomes from plasma, serum and other biofluid for nucleic acid and protein analysis. Extraction of proteins are optimized for the specific sample type, e.g. cells or tissue, to ensure extraction of native proteins and avoid degradation of proteins prior to analysis.


Automated Sample Preparation and Quality Analysis

The concentration and quality of extracted DNA and RNA is assessed by state-of-the-art technologies (4200 TapeStation, QIAxpert) to assure high quality input material for our downstream analysis. For automated extractions and robotic pipetting BioXpedia employ BioRobot Universal System and QIASymphony (Qiagen) whenever possible to optimize throughput, hands-on time and efficacy.