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Drug Compound Testing and Downstream Analyses 


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Cell Laboratory Service

Bioxpedia cell culture service

BioXpedia is offering high-throughput services in our cell laboratory. Functional screenings and validation of test compounds on in vitro cell culture is an important step in much research and drug development. It is a process that requires specific facilities, experience, and time. BioXpedia facilitates this process from start to finish, thereby allowing our customers to focus on other important aspects of their research.

Our Cell Laboratory Services

BioXpedia offer our services to meet individual customer needs. We provide technical expertise and dedicated facilities for various cell-based assays and functional screenings of test compounds. We are always ready to operate by specific customer protocols and set-ups – or are happy to help in designing and planning the experimental details based on our extensive experience and know-how.

We offer our service as a stand-alone service or as a complete solution with downstream analysis. We can provide both sample preparation , gene expression analysis and protein profiling, as well as tailored biostatistical analyses. BioXpedia can take you all the way from experimental design and cell stimulation to advanced molecular analyses and further on to the generation of statistical data and publication-ready figures.

BioXpedia accommodates various basic and custom cell culture techniques. We offer cell expansions with established cell lines supplied by costumer or cell lines purchased from a licensed provider. We also offer ficoll based PBMC isolation from fresh whole blood. We grow the cells according to customer specifications and check the viability of the cell lines throughout the project.

If you have any questions regarding outsourcing your upcoming cell culture project, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your specific needs.