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Cardiology biomarkers

Effects of cigarette smoking on cardiovascular-related protein profiles in two community-based cohort studies

Cardiovascular diseases are the largest cause of smoking-induced deaths, however there is still a lack of comprehensive analyses of protein markers in relation to smoking patterns.

In this study, Huang et al. used proximity extension assay (PEA) technology to study the association between 80 circulating cardiovascular-related protein with smoking. The results from the PEA analysis showed an association between smoking and protein markers representing inflammation, endothelial dysfunction and foam cell formation, suggesting that cigarette smoking may interfere with essential parts of the atherosclerosis process.

Huang B, et al., Atherosclerosis (2016)

Notch1 is a mechano-sensor in adult arteries

In this study Mack et al. shows that the endothelial NOTCH1 receptor is responsive to shear stress, and necessary for the maintenance of junctional integrity, cell elongation, and suppression of proliferation. NanoString nCounter analysis of the NOTCH1 gene expression profile in in vitro experiments revealed an increase in NOTCH1 mRNA levels following onset of laminar sheer stress. Moreover, the laminar sheer stress resulted in a positive feedback on NOTCH signalling.

Mack J, et al., Nature Communications (2017)