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Mogens Kruhøffer, BioXpedia

The Establishment of a Contract Research Laboratory

BioXpedia A/S is a contract research laboratory founded by CEO Mogens Kruhøffer in 2016. Our mission is to support biological and clinical research, by offering our expertise and laboratory analyses to the research community. With our laboratory analyses and biostatistical services, we want to facilitate and accelerate research projects from idea to validated data.

We guide you throughout your project, from idea →  project design →  sample preparation → sample analysis → data delivery → biostatistics. Our solutions are made specifically to meet the demands of your research project

The First Laboratory Service: Protein Analysis

The first laboratory service offered in BioXpedia was protein screening, where we used panels developed by the Swedish company Olink. With the first panels 92 proteins could be detected in just 1 µl sample. With the newest Explore 3072 panels up to 3000 proteins can now be detected in a sample. The protein screening was (and is) widely used in clinical research, to investigate disease development or treatment response in a cohort, with the aim to develop a protein biomarker signature. Subsequently we have decided also to offer other targeted protein analyses, by using the Meso Scale Discovery kits as well as ELISA kits for single markers.

Today we offer a wide variety of services and technologies

Soon it became clear that gene expression analysis were also highly requested and this led us to the natural choice also offering qPCR analysis, where we have the option to do multiplex analysis of targeted genes,- up to 96 gene targets in one run. In addition we also wanted to offer a broader gene expression analysis and for this purpose the panels from the company NanoString were useful. NanoString has developed focused gene expression panels, with up to 770 gene assays per panel. Recently we have extended our services in transcriptomics to include also RNA library prep and sequencing. Along with the gene expression analysis we started to offer targeted genotyping services. With the option of analysing 5-96 SNPs per sample in a single run, the service became highly demanded, for both smaller studies and larger cohort studies.

Biostatistical Services

From the very beginning we were focused on delivering validated and meaningful data back to researchers. As we realized that a few initial biostatistical analysis of the data were very appreciated by researchers, we developed a biostatistical services packet as an option for data generated in our laboratory. We now offer both a basic statistical packet as well as tailored biostatistical analysis.

Our Portfolio is Still Developing

We continue to develop our services in close collaboration with researchers related to specific projects. Our aim is to be open minded and flexible. In addition to the services mentioned above, we are currently involved in in-vitro drug testing and in large scale sample preparation (RNA extraction) and LC-MS/MS analysis of small molecules.

In May 2023 BioXpedia acquired Biotest Facility. By combining Biotest Facility’s expertise in animal models and pharmacokinetics with BioXpedia’s cell lab and downstream analysis of biological samples, BioXpedia can now offer an even more comprehensive service package to assist in developing and testing new drug candidates for clients.

BioXpedia welcomes your research project!