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BioXpedia offers analytical laboratory services supporting biomarker discovery and research at DNA, RNA and protein-level.

Genomic or protein-based biomarker?

It depends on the question you’re asking – ask BioXpedia as a first step!

Our technologies

Olink Proteomics  – Protein

Fluidigm HT qPCR – DNA, miRNA, RNA

NanoString – DNA, RNA and Protein

Meso Scale Discovery – Protein

Extraction and sample preparation

Time-, cost and sample effective

High multiplex level

Reproducible and efficient

Automated workflow



New collaboration doubles the testing capacity at Aarhus University Hospital

BioXpedia signs contract with Aarhus University Hospital to increase the number of samples tested for SARS-CoV-2. Due to shortage of reagents and disposables for automized system, we use our competences to prepare samples for the important SARS-CoV-2 testing at the hospital, using more flexible solutions. We have hired additional personnel and widened our working hours to increase our daily throughput to more than 2.000 samples with our present laboratory setup. See also press release from Aarhus University Hospital.


Biopeople`s Newsletter discuss BioXpedias COVID-19 Laboratory Analyses / Services Read the full article here:

New SNP Genotyping Center

Our Nordic high-through-put PCR-based SNP Genotyping Center is up and running! With a capacity of analyzing > 50.000 samples per month, and with an out-put in January of > 870.000 data points, we are ready to help you accelerate your genotyping studies.

BioXpedia is expanding

We are happy to welcome three new employees at BioXpedia
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What scientists are saying about BioXpedia

”During my Ph.D project my supervisor drew my attention to BioXpedia’s services. Especially interesting for me was the biomarker screening using the...

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Mia Klinkvort Kempel, Cand. med.
Department of Occupational Medicine, Regional Hospital West Jutland

”Immunotherapy is currently a popular and effective method for treating lung cancer. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to follow the effect of the...

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Henrik Hager, Pathologist and Clinical Associate Professor
Center of Clinical Pathology at Vejle Hospital

Quality Assurance

BioXpedia is in all aspects committed to operate under controlled conditions and under the highest level of quality.


All laboratory work is performed according to Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs)


Highly skilled personnel trained for the procedures.


All analytical methods are experimentally validated


Only high-quality reagents and kits with valid Certificate of Analysis (CoA) are used


All instruments and lab equipment are qualified and calibrated


All SOPs are under continuous evaluation for quality improvement

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